Thursday, July 31, 2008



Welcome to my blog. I've been making clocks for over 6 years. My prices and quality can rarely be beat. I handcraft each one with close to 7 layers of texture and paint. They take over 1 week to make. I use a high torque quartz movement, designed especially for larger clocks. They are the most powerful quartz movement on the market today. These clocks are unique and fun because you can personalize them for an extra fee of $10.00. They make great wedding or Christmas gifts, and I even make a fun, small clock for the new baby.

I have several sizes;

Small (12 inches) $39.00
Medium (18 inches) $59.00
Large (24 inches) $79.00
XLarge (36 inches) $150.00
Huge (46 inches) $250.00

To place your order; e-mail